Framed Print update

If you want a Framed print or just a print contact me - I'm going to multiple places so it's much easier for me to get the exact size you are looking for.   I was hoping I could have an order and ship routine like I have on this site but logically it's a tough one with so many options especially matting colors. 

I'm hoping to have not only 8x12 matted images at art fairs but also some matted panoramas.  


Coming Soon _Framed Prints

I've been looking for a good way to be able to have framed prints order and shipped and I believe I have finally found the answer.  I have a few test cases coming and I can't get all the sizes I would like (Panorama's are a big problem).  But stay tuned.

Dragon Art Fair - Complete

Had a wonderful art fair Saturday in Deforest.  It's a very nice fair.  Of course being an artist I really don't get to see much of the fair from where i sit.  I think I need to take a year off every so often just to VISIT the fair instead of being IN the fair.

Weather was very nice and we got packed up JUST in time from the storms!

Thanks to all for coming to see me and and I hope to see y'all in Lake Mills.     



Back at it

Sadly I've had two very good gallery's close on me in the past couple months.  Sweet Lips in Lake Mills and West James Gallery in Columbus closed their doors.   So now I'm looking for a new gallery to show my works.  Suggestions are always welcome.


Meanwhile I'm once again loading more images for my collection and preparing for Art Fair Season.  It looks like 6 to 7 fairs this year.  I missed out on Art fair on the Square because I completely re-did my canopy and was not able to get a glamor shot that is needed for jury's  


Currently I'm working on adding more "Columbus" images. 

Always updating and new newsletter

The featured images on the site are the news ones I have added.  This way you can always see if you missed anything.

I also have a brand new newsletter that looks pretty sweet.  If you wish to be included contact me with your email - I send something out about once a month and include some deals from time to time.   

Just email me at

First Post

Well now - this is my big new whoopee-doo eCommerce site I've been slaving away on. 

What you see are just a small portion of collection of images and I'll be constantly changing as I go so basically what you see is a moving target.

You see my problem is that I have so many images I can not pick out the BEST!! People always say, only show your best. This is like telling Steven King to pnly write his BEST book . . . .which ONE??? so many ideas and avenues of creation.

So that is my story at the moment. 

I think the front page will show new images I have put on the site but at the moment THEY ARE ALL NEW to the site.